What’s a Facial for, anyway?
A facial uses natural, chemical, and heat elements to lift away dead skin, toxins, and debris returning you to your vibrant, natural self. Your aesthetician will gently massage tense, wrinkle-causing muscles leaving you refreshed and relaxed. Thirdly, the facial rebalances your skin’s particular moisture ratio improving blemishes and/or dry patches.

There are as many different types of facials as there are types of clients, and each one addresses a certain set of skin challenges. At Skin Allure Medical Spa NY, we offer personalized facial treatments to address the needs of each client individually. If you’ve never had a facial, now is the perfect time to try out this wonderfully rejuvenating and relaxing treatment. Here are a few things you will want to know about the process for your first facial experience.


What Happens at a Facial?
Before your treatment begins, your aesthetician will take a few minutes to ask you questions about your skin routine and any sensitivities you may have to certain types of products or treatments. They will also examine your skin to get a better idea of what type of treatments will work best for calming and restoring the health and balance of the delicate skin on your face. This will include an analysis of your skin’s moisture balance, oil levels, pore size, and more. Once the analysis is complete, your aesthetician will have a good idea of the appropriate products and treatments they will use to give your skin the extra care and attention it needs.

Your treatment begins with gentle exfoliation. This step allows the skin to be cleared of dead skin cells and other types of debris that may contribute to blemishes and poor skin health. We use steam therapy techniques to gently lift undesirable agents from the skin without damage. Once this debris has been lifted, we cleanse and tone the skin (tightening the pores), and apply a gentle facial massage to promote healing and restore balance.

Once the cleansing and toning elements of the facial are complete, we finish off this pampering treatment with a hydrating masque, followed by a moisturizing treatment tailored to your specific type of skin. This treatment leaves you with skin that has drastically improved moisture and tone, and addresses issues such as hyperpigmentation and dry skin. While a relatively simple and quick treatment (it can be completed in as little a thirty minutes), it delivers great results with a minimally invasive approach.


That sounds great! Now what?

If you are ready to make your first appointment to see what all the fuss is about, please contact us, Skin Allure Medical Spa, NY, for a confidential consultation. We would be pleased to give you a full analysis of your skin’s needs and get you one step closer to the beautiful, fresh skin you deserve.

All About Facials at Skin Allure Med Spa
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