If you are interested in laser hair removal, New York is home to one of the most knowledgeable medical spa teams in the area. Laser hair removal is a relatively pain-free and safe way to get beautiful results with minimal time investment, provided that you select a team with the training and skills to execute the service with flawless results. One of the biggest determining factors in laser hair removal is your skin type. While in the past darker complexions were not a good candidate for laser hair removal, there have been great improvements in the accuracy and safety of lasers for darker skin types.

Your consultant at Skin Allure Med Spa can explain the best options for removal of unwanted hair using our advanced laser techniques. Here is a brief overview of the best skin types for this technique.

Skin Type I

You stay out of the sun, you have SPF 50 in your beach bag at all times, and you certainly don’t go tanning! Your heritage may be North European or Scandinavian, and you probably have light eye and hair color. You are skin type I. Very fair skin is an excellent candidate for laser hair removal, because there is minimal pigment in the skin, meaning you can take advantage of laser technology while experiencing the least occurrence of damage to skin cells and melanin.

Skin Type II

While you still have to be careful while catching some rays, Skin Type II is a bit more resilient and typically a shade darker than the truly pale Type I candidate. Typically your roots are European: English, Germanic, or Slavic. While still very light, your eye and hair color may be a little more saturated. You are skin Type II! This type is also an excellent candidate for laser hair removal for the same reasons listed above. Though this type is a bit more pigmented, the risk of damage to skin cells from laser use on Skin Type II is very low.

Skin Type III

Your roots are exotic – think Italy, Greece, other Mediterranean climates. Most South Americans also exhibit this complexion. Your complexion is a bit more mocha or caramel, and you typically have darker hair and eye color to match. You are probably Skin Type III! Type III’s are an excellent candidate for laser hair removal, because they typically have resilient skin not prone to hyperpigmentation (change of color after laser exposure). Your body hair may be a little darker, which makes it a good candidate for removal from unwanted areas, as well.

Skin Type IV

If your ancestors hail from Asia, Persia, Latin America or the Middle East, you typically have the mocha or olive skin common to this area – and usually have no problem soaking up the sun (as long as you’re careful!) You are Skin Type IV! While in the past there was some risk of pigmentation change or damage to skin cells in the course of laser hair removal, you’ll be glad to know that we feature the Sciton BBL and Profile for laser hair removal. New York clients of most complexions have excellent results with this device, so if you have darker skin tones, you should definitely consider treatments in our safe, well-maintained medical spa.

 Skin Type V

Your skin is the beautiful medium-dark hue of Northern African and African-American heritage, and you most likely hair dark hair and eye color to complement your darker complexion. Welcome to Skin Type V! As with IV, recent advances in the technology of laser hair removal – such as the type and strength of lasers available to the market – you now have excellent options for hair removal. Our skilled and certified technicians can give you beautiful results.

Skin Type VI

You have gorgeous, deep dark skin and eyes, and most likely have roots in African nations. You welcome the sunshine and almost never burn. You are Skin Type VI! Even dark skin can benefit from the flawless look of laser hair removal, and with the Sciton Profile, we can provide laser treatment that preserves the melanin in your skin while penetrating deep into the dermis and removing unwanted hair safely and easily. Your skin can be free of unwanted hair, while maintaining its pigment and health.

No matter what your skin type, you can get laser hair removal, New York certified technicians, and beautiful results at Skin Allure Med-Spa. We would be pleased to offer you a free personalized consultation, so contact us today!

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