Close-up portrait of young, fresh and natural woman with the dotted arrowsA casual internet search will reveal lots of beauty treatments claiming to reduce wrinkles and slow aging. It seems like there’s nothing women won’t do to slow aging. Take a look at some of these:

  1. Snail Facial: This procedure literally involves letting slimy snails crawl around on your face. Their mucus is high in protein which is meant to stimulate collagen formation an improve skin elasticity. Solid evidence that the snail mucus works is still lacking.
  2. Bee Venom Mask: This is a very old beauty treatment reinvented as an alternative to botox. While the industry has found a way to extract the venom without hurting bees, the mask can still hurt you depending on the strength of the cream and your sensitivity. Anyone allergic to bee stings should absolutely not try this treatment.
  3. Sheep Placenta Facial: Full of growth hormones and amino acids, sheep placenta is meant to help promote collagen production and regulate oil secretion. On the other hand, it’s sheep afterbirth.
  4. Leech Therapy: First, leeches are allowed to suck your blood from somewhere else on your body, then your blood—now mixed with leech juice—is squeezed out of the leech onto your face and left to soak for 20 minutes. Leeches have been proven to help remove clots or pressure on veins in injured skin, although the benefits to healthy skin are still poorly demonstrated.
  5. SkinTyte Laser Treatment: A carefully calibrated laser is used to stimulate collagen production. It is painless and eco-friendly and has a lot of scientific backing. More importantly, we have seen the benefits to our clients with our own eyes. Visit the links above to see before and after pictures.

While many facial treatments may have some small effect, Skin Allure’s NY skin tightening laser seems to have the most and longest lasting effect. To see the benefits of laser treatments visit our website at for more information.

Crazy Facials Can’t Compete with Lasers
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