BBL in NY from Skin Allure Med SpaScientifically proven to be effective in reversing the signs of aging, Forever Young BBL treatment is the safe and non-invasive answer to many of your unwanted skin conditions and skin aging. Utilizing dual-lamp technology allows Forever Young BBL to deliver evenly-treated skin on virtually any area of the body. This means you can easily treat larger areas for faster results with no downtime and a fast recovery.

Forever Young BBL is an innovation in skin care treatment, for its ability to alter the gene expression in older and damaged skin cells, in order to resemble younger and more vibrant cells. Rejuvenated genes are associated with organismal longevity, lifespan and tumor suppression. The Forever Young BBL treatment is an easy and non-invasive procedure that can restore gene expression pattern of aged human skin to resemble young skin. Over 1000 gene expressions are rejuvenated with this treatment, which decreases the effect of elastosis (decrease in skin elasticity) thereby creating a more uniform deposition of collagen.

A wide range of skin conditions and problem areas can be treated with Forever Young BBL. Some of these include sun damage, freckles, acne, minor burns, and rosacea. Regular annual treatment increases skin firmness, elasticity, and pigmentation for overall younger and healthier-looking skin. Those who received three to four Forever Young BBL treatments every year over a nine year period reported looking 10 years younger than their actual age. Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr. stated that in his opinion, Forever Young BBL is the best, non-invasive treatment anyone could do to delay skin aging.

To schedule your Forever Young BBL treatment, give Skin Allure Med Spa a call at 845-226-8830.

Forever Young BBL Treatment
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