Last week, we talked about one of our favorite lines of skin care products, this week, we want to introduce the EltaMD Sun Care and Skin Care lines.

Elta MD


We love the EltaMD Sun Care line because they offer Broad Spectrum sunscreen protection for a variety of skin types including ones prone to acnea, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, oily, sensitive, and dry skin types, as well as post-procedural products. No matter your unique situation, you’ll be able to find body and facial sunscreen that works for you. All EltaMD sunscreens are paraben free and protect from both UVA rays (which cause aging) and UVB rays (which cause burning).


Why is sunscreen so important?

Frequent exposure to sun causes aging and increases your risk for skin cancer. Dermatologists have found that those who experience 5 or more burns double their risk for skin cancer. Not only that, but UVA rays cause hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. EltaMD’s sunscreens use zinc as a natural way to block a broad spectrum of sun rays giving you comprehensive protection.


What are Parabens?

“Paraben” is the nickname for a class of chemicals which are commonly used as preservatives in cosmetics. Controversy surrounds their use as they have been linked to breast cancer.


Skin Care and Laser Balms

We also love EltaMD’s dermatology lotions. They offer gentle cleansers, eye gels, moisturizers, and laser balm which is specially designed for gently soothing and moisturizing post-procedural skin. Their special laser enzyme gel uses protease enzymes and other ingredients to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and provide a cooling sensation. EltaMD has been formulating moisturizing products for wound and skin treatments in hospitals, burn centers, and acute care facilities for more than 20 years which makes their use after a procedure especially effective.


If you’d like to learn more about EltaMD’s products, visit their FAQ page. Or come see Skin Allure in NY for a skin care assessment. We’d love to help you get the skin you want.


Lily’s Pick: specialized EltaMD laser lotions and sunscreen
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