Girl in a poolYou may have heard that you shouldn’t get laser hair removal in the summer. But at Skin Allure Med Spa, we offer laser hair removal in NY all summer long. The notion that laser hair removal is discouraged in the summer came from the fact that early lasers did best when there was high contrast between the (darker) hair and (lighter) skin so when women tanned in the summer, the laser was often less effective. Today, our lasers are much better at treating darker skin, however, we have several recommendations for removing hair during the summer.

  1. Wear lots of sunscreen while outside to avoid the skin damage that is associated with tanning. Zinc based sunscreens with antioxidants are especially effective. (We have some really great ones for retail.)
  2. Focus on underarms and bikini area. These are areas that tend not to get as much sun as the rest of your skin which makes the laser particularly effective, reduces risk of hyperpigmentation. Why worry about unsightly hair all summer long? Laser it off!
  3. Avoid active sun exposure at least 72 hours prior to treatment. Tanning comes from burning skin a little and can take several days to a week to fully heal. Damaged skin may collect more heat than it would normally causing pigmentary changes in the skin.
  4. Receive the full series to get maximum effectiveness. The laser only treats hair that is actively growing meaning that you’ll need more than one treatment in the same area (usually six to eight weeks apart). Your laser specialist will help you pick the right treatments for you.
  5. Plan to be a little red afterward. The laser can cause some redness to treated areas for a day or two after treatment and it may take as long as two weeks for the hair to be extruded and fall away.
  6. Use aloe and sunscreen after the treatment. Our lasers are very good at treating hair without “treating” the skin and most people are very comfortable during and after the treatment. If you notice any irritation, however, use some soothing aloe and stay out of the sun.

Skin Allure Med Spa in NY is your one stop shop for summer spa services. Schedule an appointment today. We’d love to see you.

Summer Hair Removal
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