SucceedSummer can be hard on your skin. We’ve collected some tips to make sure your skin is comfortable and beautiful all summer long. Take a look at what the professionals say about summer skin care:

  • Sunburns

◦      To prevent sunburn, be sure to use your sunscreen properly. Dermatologists recommend using sunscreen if you expect exposure for more than 15 minutes. Use at least SPF 30 which protects against both UVA and UVB rays (called broad spectrum). Apply generously 15 minutes before going out and every two hours after swimming or sweating.

◦      To treat sunburn, aestheticians recommend applying cold yogurt. A common misconception is that applying lots of aloe-based lotions will soothe a sunburn when in fact lotions can trap heat in the skin. Cold yogurt applied every hour for 20 minutes can remove heat while hydrating your skin. We also recommend EltaMD’s line of lotions as they are designed for heated skin.

◦      Some moisturizers come with tint and sunscreen for a damage-free glow.

  • Dry Skin

◦      Whether in the pool or in the hot tub, chlorine can be especially hard on skin and hair. Rinse off in fresh water once you’re done swimming then immediately apply lotion to trap natural moisture in your skin.

◦      Air conditioning can leach the humidity out of the air too, so use a humidifier, increase your use of lotion, and/or drink lots of water. A lukewarm shower (instead of super hot) won’t breakdown as much oil on your skin keeping your skin more comfortable.

  • Hair removal: Shaving more often during the summer can mean more skin irritation. Consider waxing or laser hair removal. SkinAllure Med Spa offers both of these services.
  • Aging

◦      The sun has lots of free radicals which increases skin aging. Be sure to combat this with lots of antioxidants found in berries, skin masques, and anti-aging cremes (like our favorite, SkinCeuticals).

◦      Exfoliate your entire body to remove dead skin and to let your lotions and creams soak in deeper. New skin is sensitive, so don’t forget to shield it with sunscreen.

◦      Keep skin hydrated with intensive masques and boosters, and by drinking lots of water. Dermatologists state that people who drink coffee will need to increase their water intake by 3x the normal amount because caffeine requires lots of water to metabolize and flush away.

◦      Consider photorejuvination or SkinTyte laser treatments. They are non-invasive ways to treat age spots, fine wrinkles, and skin sagging due to aging and skin damage. See your SkinAllure laser specialist for more details.

  • Breakouts

◦      Some people notice more breakouts during the summer. This might be caused by a mixture of sweat, dirt, and sunscreen clogging pores. Consider switching to a different sunscreen recipe like our medical grade lines EltaMD and SkinCeutical line.

◦      Wash makeup brushes every week to remove trapped oil and bacteria. Add 1 tbsp of shampoo to a glass of warm water. Swish your brushes to create a lather then rinse well. Comb bristles to detangle and reshape. Then dry upright in the sun. The sun is a natural anti-bacterial.

◦      Don’t forget that some acne fighting soaps and creams increase your skin’s sensitivity to sun causing you to burn more easily. Read your bottles to see if this is true for the products you’re using.

◦      Consider our Sciton BBL Blue Light Acne treatment which treats the underlying problem.

Summer Skin Care Tips