Woman getting face mask in spaWomen of all ages come to Skin Allure Med Spa to get their makeup professionally done for special occasions. Whether its for a prom, a wedding, or a fancy party, having someone else do your makeup can be so much fun! Our professional aesthetician, Tina, knows that the point of makeup is to make you look like your best self, not like someone else. And she’s really good at it. She’s seen the best and the worst and has collected a few tips:

  1. Keep it classy. Stay away from anything super trendy. Trends come and go, but these pictures will last forever.
  2. Do facial or spa treatments a week ahead of time. Skin can sometimes look irritated after certain treatments or tweezing and waxing. Give it time to rejuvenate.
  3. Test your tan. If you’re planning on a self-tanning lotion, try it out a week or so ahead of time to make sure it comes out just how you want it. Also, the tan should be applied before the makeup test so that your artist can see how it affects your complexion.
  4. Bring what you’re wearing or wear a similar colored t-shirt. Sometimes the color of dress affects what products and colors makeup artists choose. For instance, a white dress sometimes needs a little extra color to make it pop.
  5. Take a picture. Test out your makeup with flash photography to make sure its just right. Your makeup artist should be sure to keep your t-zone matte so it’s not shiny in pictures.
  6. Go a bit brighter. Just because you’re going for a classy, natural look doesn’t mean you must have a “symphony of beiges” as Marie Claire Magazine says. Highlight one or two of your best features.
  7. Don’t forget your decollette. Let your makeup artist know if your dress shows a little throat. She should apply a little makeup to your neck and shoulders as well so a) the color doesn’t stop at your chin and b) a little shimmer can light up your face.
  8. Bring pictures. Research the kind of look you want and don’t be afraid to tell your makeup artist what you want. Having a clear direction can help you answer her questions.
  9. Put contact lenses on before applying makeup. Putting them in afterward can not only smudge your makeup but can also trap makeup particles against your eye which can scratch it. Ouch!
  10. Give yourself time. Properly applied makeup should take at least 45 minutes.

Let Tina at Skin Allure Med Spa make you your best self for your upcoming prom, wedding, or special occasion. You can trust her many years of experience and professionalism.

What your Makeup Artist wants to tell you
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